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Cosmetic Reconstruction


Decay, damage and erosion can all cause problems for your teeth, weakening them and making them look unsightly. Cosmetic dentistry uses high quality crowns or veneers to restore your smile to health.

What Are Crowns And Veneers?

A crown is used to cover most or all of a damaged tooth and is fitted over the tooth after it has been carefully filed down, while a veneer is a thin layer of tooth-colored material that is bonded to the front of the tooth.

Crowns or veneers can be used to:

  • Repair teeth that are cracked, worn or fractured
  • Strengthen a tooth that has a large cavity
  • Cover stains that cannot be removed by cleaning
  • Cover teeth that have been damaged by decay
  • Strengthen teeth after a root canal treatment
  • Replace lost teeth (used in conjunction with a dental implant)
  • Close gaps or make teeth more even

A veneer is used when most of the tooth is sound and a veneer can be fitted to the front, while a crown is the right choice if there is more extensive damage.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Cosmetic dentistry always starts with a consultation and an examination of your teeth to find out what kind of treatment will give you the best results. Your dentist will then use a tool called a burr to gently grind your tooth down, using a local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable.

For a veneer, only the front layer of the tooth will be ground away and your tooth will be safe until your custom veneer is fitted.

For a crown, the tooth will be gently ground down to a tapered point that the crown can fit easily over. You will be given a temporary crown to wear to keep your tooth protected until your custom crown can be fitted.

Your dentist will use dental putty to take a cast of your tooth. This mold will be sent to a specialist laboratory, where your tailored crown or veneer will be built for you. When your crown or veneer is ready, your dentist will use a special acid gel to roughen the surface of your tooth to ensure the best bond possible, then fit your crown or veneer and cement it into place.

How Do I Look After My Crown Or Veneer?

Your new crown or veneer is easy to look after – simply clean regularly with toothpaste and gently floss. Most crowns and veneers last a minimum of five years and some can last up to fifteen with good oral hygiene.

If you are suffering from stained or damaged teeth, get in touch today to find out how we can help restore your smile and your confidence.